A Luminary, Award winning achiever on national and global economic development challenges of the 21st century, Ms. Powell is a highly-successful, well-respected business woman and a pioneer of community-to-global business in the United States, México and Latin America.

Ms. Powell is a high-ranking expert on transcending cultures and serves as an International economic/business development consultant. She opens doors between multi-cultural societies to improve understanding and interconnection in international business and community development. She applies her extensive experience and refined effectiveness in emerging communities for development with marketing and research. She provides her expertise to a high spectrum through education ranging from grassroots level to the highest diplomatic collaboration in the United States, México and Latin America.

Her attributes of the success as the Founder of the Economic Development Forums between the United States and México have excelled her expertise as a transcontinental business facilitator, expert, and consultant; including providing international business relations, governmental relations, intercontinental government branches, extensive international governmental relations, extensive public relations, wide-ranging of national and international business network, media liaison, transcontinental event and conference management, and funding development.

Ms. Powell has been a member of many local, regional, state, national and international boards and is currently the Chairman and Founder of an International organization–the HWGA-Hispanic Women Grocers of America. She also served on the advisory board for the Institute of Mexicans in the Exteriors-CCIME constituted by Mexican President Vicente Fox in 2006 and served under President Felipe Calderon in 2007-2008. Her involvement was directly with Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Education and Secretary of External Affairs of North America. Their purpose was to advise on International Trade and Economic Development between the United States and México.

In this capacity, she leads and coordinates the Country’s efforts related to international business development and trade opportunities. In addition, Ms. Powell supports efforts of local trade promotion with organizations collectively gathered to advance the state’s export efforts with Mexico.



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